Further government advice for Covid-19 shielding

Further government advice for Covid-19 shielding

Posted On: 02/12/2020

The government has updated its guidance for shielding and protecting people who are considered to be “clinically extremely vulnerable”.

You can view the latest Government advice here.

The government is planning to send a letter to everyone on the Shielded Patient List (SPL). The letter is available online here and is expected to be posted to people from Saturday 28 November and throughout the following week. You may also receive an email from the NHS if they have an email address for you. The letters may take account of the “Tier restrictions” you are currently living under, so others in the Pompe community may receive differing advice.

As during the “first wave”, our advice would be to confirm any shielding advice with your clinical centre who will write to you separately.

Vaccination Programme Advice to healthcare practitioners from Public Health England (PHE).

You may also be interested to see the provisional advice being given to your GP and other healthcare workers about the vaccination programme that is about to be rolled out in the UK.

The PDF document can be downloaded here: COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

The document contains a lot of useful information about the virus, its transmission, symptoms of infection, and the potential vaccines with which we may be inoculated.