Taking charge of your health against COVID-19

Taking charge of your health against COVID-19

Posted On: 16/12/2020

Learn about your best defences against COVID-19 with Pulmonologist and Associate clinical Professor Roger Seheult, MD.

Pulmonologist, Professor Roger Seheult, MD, has delivered a very interesting and thorough video presentation on how you can take charge of your own health in building your immune system to combat COVID-19.

Some easy yet effective methods Dr Seheult covers in the video are:

- Take vitamin D daily (4000 IU)
- Take a hot bath if you feel unwell, perhaps with aromatherapy oils?
- Get plenty of sleep - 7 hours or more

We have included the full video below:

We have listed the timings of the presentation's main topic points:

  • Start of Professor Roger Seheult, MD, presentation - 4mins 27secs
  • Interferon - 12mins 30secs
  • What I can do myself - 19mins 10secs
  • Vitamin D - 20mins 37secs
  • Essential Oils - 28mins
  • Forest bathing (walk in the woods) - 29mins 30secs
  • Sleep - 30mins 30secs
  • Hydrothermal therapy - 32mins 20secs
  • 10x increase in Interferon at high core body temperature - 34mins 20secs
  • Key points - 35mins