Update from Lloyds Pharmacy Clinical Homecare

Posted On: 14/04/2020

LPCH have issued an update regarding the collection of sharp bins and medical devices. We understand that there has been some confusion amongst the patient community so we thought it would be helpful to share what they have sent and what is now available on their website.

The introduction of double bagging was introduced following concerns raised by patients seeking assurance that Lloyds were doing all they can to limit the potential spread contamination between households. They have also given reassurance that all collections are now happening as normal. If any patients are still having problems then they should inform their specialist centre so that they can monitor.

Website FAQs

Q. Are LPCH going to be able to collect my sharps bin?

A. Yes. If your yellow or purple lidded sharps bin is filled to the recommended level and you require a collection please ask your driver to take the bin on your next planned delivery or alternatively, please contact us to book a collection.

Q. Are LPCH able to collect medicines, medical devices or medical equipment?

A. LPCH will continue to make collections as required. Please contact Patient Services to book a collection.

Q. Why are you double bagging or shrink-wrapping collections?

A. The process of double bagging or shrink-wrapping is introduced to all patient collections to reduce the chance of cross contamination between people and surfaces. This is a measure to protect yourself as well as drivers in reducing the chance of virus spread.

Please visit the LPCH website for all COVID-19 FAQs:


Homecare and Treatment Holidays in the UK

If you are normally reliant on a homecare nursing service and are trying to decide on whether to start or end a treatment holiday, you need to know what level of protection you can expect from your homecare company. An agreed common communication would be helpful from the UK Independent Healthcare Organisations, but in the meantime we have received answers to our questions below from some companies, but not all.

  • What modified (or planned) homecare procedures are implemented by your company?
  • What level of PPE is available to your staff and patients?
  • Is COVID-19 testing available to all staff – Virus and/or antibody tests?
  • Is independence training available at this time? What would be the procedure to apply?

Please contact us directly (hello@pompe.uk) if you would like more information.

Healthcare at home have produced a Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions pamphlet that you can view or download here:

Healthcare at Home - Patient FAQs

The general advice is to speak to the medical team at your LSD treatment centre, and also your regular homecare nurse. Please contact us if you do not receive the answers you require.