Useful COVID-19 resources to support families

Posted On: 07/05/2020

A list of useful resources for families with children has been compiled by Birmingham Children's Hospital (BCH).

It contains helpful links for

  • Help for parents
  • Support for families with disabled children and children who have long term conditions
  • Resources for Deaf People
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Support
  • Domestic Abuse Support

Download the poster here:

COVID-19 Useful Information

BCH have also produced an impressive 49-page survival guide for young people, to help families through the COVID-19 period of isolation. it includes many useful tips and activities, including:

  • Making daily plans
  • General hygiene
  • Community action response
  • 100+ indoor activities
  • Social boundaries
  • Really easy recipes
  • Stuff to read and watch
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Colouring pages

You can download the whole book here:

BCH Self Isolation Survival Guide