Episode 4, Jeff

Episode 4, Jeff

Posted On: 17/03/2022

Episode 4, Jeff, in our PompAbility: The Film Series has now been released.

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Jeff explains how numerous mis-diagnoses across the years took its toll on his body and how earlier diagnosis and treatment might have benefitted him greatly. But none of this has stopped him, having found stability from the treatment for Pompe, Jeff regularly travels by wheelchair on public transport around London and beyond. Despite its benefits, Jeff has encountered many trials and tribulations of using public transport which as a result, has seen him become a stern campaigner for Transport for All, forcing the change to help so many other wheelchair users throughout the UK.

Following the screening of the film, Jeff took questions from those present which was a humbling and poignant session. Many of those Thanked Jeff for his tireless efforts for forcing change and helping the community. The Q&A sessions following the release of each films have been such a fantastic forum for people within the Pompe community to connect and discuss matters touched upon in the films, we strongly recommend you come join us.

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