Episode 2, Oscar

Episode 2, Oscar

Posted On: 03/03/2022

After the successful launch of Episode 1, Arla, in our PompAbility: The Film series, we are now pleased to announce the release of Episode 2, Oscar.

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The film highlights Oscar's early struggles with Pompe Disease and the issues he encountered in finding his place in life. Oscar has since proved that through strength, patience and with a supportive family, he has gone on to establish himself and lead a happy, balanced life.

Following the film release, Oscar took questions from those present and some thought-provoking, touching conversations were had between patients within the community. It was so rewarding for us to hear that our new series of films are having a helpful and profound effect for members of the community and are reaching the industry far and wide.

We are excited to have three films left to release which will be shown on consecutive Monday's throughout March, having started on Rare Disease Day, and will continue until Monday 28th March.

We are so excited for you all to see the films and to hear the stories of the wonderful people of Pompe.

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