Pompe and Circumstance

Pompe and Circumstance

An invitation to play music with an orchestra – no experience needed!

Posted On: 04/09/2021

The benefits of playing and listening to music are well appreciated, and we have been invited to join an interesting project drawing people from the Pompe community for a musical performance.

We’re working with a “Music for Healthcare” group, a group of musicians who will work with children and adults to prepare a performance of Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance; the piece of music that is always enthusiastically received on the Last Night of the Proms. But don’t worry, there will be accomplished musicians joining the small orchestra for the final performance.

The project is sponsored by Sanofi-Genzyme and a short film will be made throughout the process, documenting the development of our musicians and including video-diaries of their progress. All classical instruments can be provided for practice at home, and you can choose the most appropriate for you. It could be anything from triangle to trombone, but maybe not a grand piano!

The musicians are based in Derbyshire but will travel within the UK to give music instruction, or they can teach individuals through online video links; whichever works best for you.

Training will take place over six weeks or more if needed, and no previous musical ability is assumed, although accomplished musicians will be very welcome too.

There is no limit on numbers, so please contact us to show interest for yourself or a family member: hello@pompe.uk.

Opus Music

An example of other projects by this group of musicians can be seen on their website: https://opusmusic.org/musicians-in-healthcare/