Sanofi win GOLD standard for the ‘Patient Partnership Index’…with a little help from Pompe Support Network!

Sanofi win GOLD standard for the ‘Patient Partnership Index’…with a little help from Pompe Support Network!

Posted On: 23/06/2022

Sanofi recently entered the Patient Partnership Index awards in recognition of their work in the recent Pompe and Circumstance project. A project aimed to raise awareness of Pompe disease in a unique and interesting way.

The awards showcase how life science companies can work positively with patient organisations in areas such as communications.

Allan Muir, (Chair of Pompe Support Network) was invited to provide a testimonial for Sanofi to illustrate the strong sense of partnership with Sanofi and the Pompe Support Network, both nationally and internationally.

Here is an excerpt from Allan's testimonial:

With the Pompe & Circumstance project being such a huge success, bringing many members of the Pompe community together: patients, parents, carers, healthcare professionals and other members of the rare disease community, we were able to experience a very special relationship through our mutual cause and through a love of music. It was with great excitement we joined the Pompe & Circumstance project, which aims to raise awareness of Pompe disease in such a unique and interesting way. The prospect of creating an uplifting piece of music and its recording at the iconic Abbey Road studios, was irresistible. Meeting so many from the Pompe community face-to-face after such a long time was also very special; it was especially uplifting to see those affected by Pompe disease striding purposefully across the Abbey Road pedestrian crossing, and, once in the studio, singing lyrics of "Bring us Hope and Glory" with all the strength they could muster. A truly wonderful sight.

The partnership with Sanofi allowed the project to be delivered to a much wider audience, with public exposure received across local TV stations, BBC radio and in print and online media, with the help and expertise of celebrity vocal coaches Carrie and David Grant, MBE and their understanding of the benefits of music to patient communities."

In recognition of the GOLD standard partnership, Allan has now been invited to join the speakers panel for the Patient Partnership Index 2022 Summit, "Empowering Tomorrow's Patients". This event will take place virtually on Tuesday 5th July and will share the insights gained from this year's entries to the Patient Partnership Index.

The awards are hosted by Pharma Times and we now hope the GOLD standard will help to give further exposure to Pompe disease within the industry.

It was a great pleasure and privilege for all at Pompe Support Network to be part of the Pompe & Circumstance project and we hope to continue using the resources generated from it for many years.

We wish Sanofi many Congratulations for their Gold Patient Partnership Index award.