Leo and the Floppy Sloth

Leo and the Floppy Sloth

Children's book by Kara Price

Posted On: 13/11/2023

A charming children's book written and illustrated by Kara Price and inspired by her son Leo.

"Leo and the Floppy Sloth" was written and illustrated by Kara Price. It is the story of Leo's life and his travelling dreams with Slothy.

"This book was inspired by my son, Leo, who has Pompe disease, and still to this day fights like a warrior. He is my inspiration for this book and life. I love you Leo, keep on fighting". Kara Price.

Sample pages
Sample pages

Book Reviews

I today had the pleasure of reading the most wonderful story about Leo and the Floppy Sloth.

I would really love to use this as part of the induction training I deliver for all staff - the book illustrates the importance of looking at a child or young person, and not a diagnosis whilst highlighting beautifully the significance of making every moment count. Homecare worker, Aberdeen Hospital.

Thanks for sending us a copy of the new book – it is lovely and fab that it is written by a parent, so we know she fully gets life with Pompe!

I think it would be best used for us for families of well-established Pompe families perhaps as the children turn eight or so, and want to know more about their condition, or want to know other people have it too. Clinical Nurse Specialist, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London.

Ordering your copy

The publication was fully funded by the Pompe Support Network. Copies will be sent free of charge to UK families with a Pompe child. Please subscribe to Pompe Support Network and contact us directly for your copy.

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