Experience the benefits of a Mollii Suit at our Coventry assessment day

Experience the benefits of a Mollii Suit at our Coventry assessment day

Posted On: 26/05/2022

Come and view the Mollii Suit in action with our Pompe get-together!

Pompe Support Network is working with Remotion Ltd, to understand how electrical stimulation can help to ease muscle pain and improve muscle tone and movement.

We are organising a one-day assessment of the Mollii Suit, and we are recruiting LOPD adults to assess the benefits of wearing the suit for just one hour.

The assessment day will be run by Remotion Ltd and monitored by Nicola Condon, a physiotherapist at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. Pompe Support Network representatives will also be present.

Each individual assessment takes a few hours and will have several stages:

  • Initial assessment of your needs
  • Programming the suit electrical stimulation pads
  • Wearing the suit for about 60 minutes
  • Assessment of any immediate benefits.

Appointments will be staggered throughout the day which should finish by 6pm.

The volunteers for the assessment day have been selected, however we would like to open the invite to anyone who would like to come along to see the Mollii suit in action, but also as an opportunity to meet up and discuss all things Pompe with us at Pompe Support Network and other members of the Pompe community.

Date: Friday August 12th 2022
Location: DoubleTree Hotel on the outskirts of Coventry.
All-day refreshments, buffet lunch, and car parking will all be covered.

Please let us know if you are interested in coming along for the assessment day and to meet up with the community - hello@pompe.uk

Nicola Condon is well known to the UK Pompe community as a physiotherapist based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. As a Master’s Student studying Clinical Health Research at the University of Birmingham, she is conducting a research study to explore physical activity and exercise in people living with Pompe disease.