Good Vibrations?

Good Vibrations?

Reports of experiences with vibration technology by Pompe patient

Posted On: 10/03/2024

There has been some interest lately about vibration technology in relation to Pompe. Kevin Annesley, PSN board member, has written about his experiences.

We are publishing two pieces written by member of our board, Kevin Annesley about his experience using WBV (Whole Body Vibration) in 2009 and a followup from around 2011 about using SAVT (Side-alternating Vibration Training). As always, if you try something like this, be sure to consult your medical team, because as Kevin reminded us, if used incorrectly it can cause pain and/or muscle damage.

Kevin's first article:

Good Vibrations (PDF)

Good Vibrations (Word)

Second article:

Good Vibrations Moving on (PDF)

Good Vibrations Moving on (Word)

Below also is a link to a case report from researchers at the University of Calgary in Canada in 2009 on SAVT.

And a link to a 2022 case series from the University of Cologne in Germany which may also be of interest.