COVID-19 Statement from Sanofi - June 2020

COVID-19 Statement from Sanofi - June 2020

Posted On: 18/06/2020

Sanofi-Genzyme have released the statement below to offer assurances about their commitment to the rare disease community and about the continuity of drug supplies throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

At Sanofi, we have a simple purpose – to discover breakthrough medicines and vaccines to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. This drive to transform the practice of medicine has taken on increased urgency for everyone in the Sanofi family since the emergence of COVID-19 across the world.

Sanofi is rapidly responding to the evolving challenge of COVID-19. Our responsibility to our employees and their families, patients and caregivers, health care providers, public health officials and communities around the world drives us to act on our long history of innovation to bring cutting edge science and dedicated people to face this threat. We would like to take this opportunity to share our approach to this crisis.

We are Committed to the Rare Disease Community

We recognize that the patient and caregiver communities need our support. We continue to work closely with organizations and communities to provide information, share updates, and maintain program activities. Continuity for these activities is important as we all work to address the needs of individuals living with rare diseases in a time of uncertainty and disruption.

We remain committed to serving patients and understand the unique concerns of the Rare Disease community. We recognize that this is a challenging time and that the COVID-19 situation is evolving very quickly creating many questions and concerns. We want to assure you that we are working hard to provide patients with continuity of care.

For patients currently prescribed one of our medicines, we are communicating with a number of local health providers and authorities. The clinical judgment of the treating physician should guide the management plan of each patient based on individual benefit/risk assessment.

We are also focused on maintaining continuity for individuals currently enrolled in Sanofi clinical trials. For patients currently enrolled in Sanofi clinical trials, it may be difficult or impossible for these patients to travel to the clinic for their study visits, assessments and, in some cases, drug dosing. We are in communication with the lead investigators of ongoing clinical trials. The decision for each individual patient to remain in a particular study should be made by the treating physician for that study, as the clinical judgment of the treating physician should guide the management plan of each patient.

We Are Working to Avoid Shortages

We are working to maintain the supply of all our medicines and vaccines through close collaboration with our suppliers throughout the world. In light of the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation, many local governments and authorities are taking critical decisions to fight against the virus outbreak. In that context, Sanofi is closely monitoring this situation and putting specific actions in place to enable business continuity, including working to maintain the supply and distribution of our important medicines that are essential to patients’ needs. At this time, Sanofi does not anticipate shortages of our medicines resulting from the COVID-19 situation, including for Gaucher, Fabry, Pompe, and MPS I, or for our investigational therapies for rare diseases that are currently being tested in clinical trials.

We Are Leveraging Our Expertise

Sanofi is working to unlock an expedited path forward for developing a COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, we are researching whether some on-market products may be a potential treatment option for patients with COVID-19.

Sanofi is continually assessing the global health implications of the COVID-19 virus – and our role in addressing this challenge – and we remain committed to working closely with global health organizations and governments to minimize the risk and impact of COVID-19.