International Neonatal Screening Day 2022

International Neonatal Screening Day 2022

Posted On: 28/06/2022

Today on International Neonatal Screening Day we are proud members of the UK NBS Collaborative alongside a number of other leading rare disease groups, with the shared aim of working towards meaningful change and extension to the UK newborn bloodspot programme.

"...the UK Newborn Screening Programme is lagging behind that of many other high-income countries. Inefficient and outdated processes and bureaucracy are failing to keep pace with rapid developments in science and technology and result in significant inequity to our children.

The UK system requires urgent revision in order to harness the potential of cutting-edge advances in science and technology, such as Genomic screening and gene therapies, and to guarantee equality of health outcomes for all. Many other countries screen for considerably more diseases. The US tops the global list, screening its babies for up to 59 depending on the state, Iceland screens for 47 and Italy screens for 43 diseases. UK policy is clearly out of step with medical advances and other high-income countries..."

You can learn more about this campaign and show support at the link below: