Hülya Apaydin

Hülya Apaydin


Posted On: 26/06/2020

Hülya is a Chemical Engineer by training, but changed directions and has a wealth of experience in Healthcare Research/Market Research. She has an MBA with an emphasis on cross-cultural communication and brings her Healthcare Research expertise to support the Pompe Support Network community.

Hülya joined Pompe Support Network as a board member in 2020, and was an active board member until stepping down January 2024 to take on the CEO role. She is a member of the LSD Collaborative and a board member of the International Pompe Association.

Hülya has a partner who has Pompe and first learned about the condition from him. She has followed research and become more involved in the community over the past decade and a half.

As CEO she works closely with Trustees and members of the community to ensure PSN is able to share advice and offer support throughout the Pompe community.