FAQs on COVID and Homecare Services from the NCHA

FAQs on COVID and Homecare Services from the NCHA

Posted On: 18/08/2021

The National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) has released a list of Frequently Asked Questions about COVID and Homecare Services.

The NCHA are working closely with all homecare members and the NHS to ensure that high standards of care and support are provided to all patients on a homecare service. Most existing Medicines Homecare Services are continuing as normal regardless of any changes being made by the government re local lockdown or increased restrictions. Your homecare provider customer services will contact you if they need to make different arrangements to ensure your treatment continues as planned

Click here to be directed to the FAQs listed by the NCHA

The National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) was established in 2006 to represent and promote the patient-led interests of specific organisations whose primary activity is to provide medical supplies, support and clinical services to patients in the community. Within the site, you’ll find a broad range of useful information to support your homecare interests, whether you’re a patient, a clinician or a homecare commissioner.

For the latest government information visit this link: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/