Pompe Support Network return to Abbey Road Studios!

Pompe Support Network return to Abbey Road Studios!

Posted On: 28/02/2023

Following the success of the 'Pompe and Circumstance' project, Pompe Support Network took part in a new community singing project, held at Abbey Road Studios in London, to raise awareness of rare diseases.

This is Rare is a community singing project, developed in collaboration with several rare disease patient advocacy groups and supported by Sanofi UK. The project follows on from the success of Pompe and Circumstance, a community choir project supported by Sanofi UK to raise awareness of Pompe Disease.

The Pompe Support Network again represented the Pompe Disease community with two members of the charity, Hülya Apaydin (Trustee) and Alex Jones (Communications Officer), taking part in the This is Rare project.

You can view the full performance film below:

You can also watch the making of This is Rare in this documentary:

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